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Ron Davis Racing Radiator for C6 Z51 Cars

Ron Davis Racing Radiator for C6 Z51 Cars $1000.00

Ron Davis Racing Radiators and performance have gone hand in hand for many years. They have won just about everything that truly taxes the cooling system. With their all welded, no glue design allows them to stand on top in the racing radiator industry. We have logged thousands of track-street miles on them and have found to work better then expected. The Corvettes have a hard time keep cool when increased horsepower and/or extend high RPM use (road racing). Keeping temperatures cooler allows longer engine life, more horsepower, and less heat related failures. DRM offers many different radiators below to handle the different model years and options. Please confirm you radiator by looking at your car and it’s cooler locations. Engine Oil Cooler is on the left and Drive-train cooler is on the Right hand side.

(1-16cv06e) C6 with both coolers $1000.00
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