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C5-C6 Engine Oil Block adapter

C5-C6 Engine Oil Block adapter $129.95

C5-C6 Block adapter

This block adapter is one of the highlights in all of our Engine Oil Cooler kits. Some of the features are, lightweight, small package, -10 fittings, stock temp sensor, no wire modifications and the right gasket. The oil temp is watching the oil temp as it comes out of the engine. This is the best placement to see actual oil temps. Block adapter includes new gasket, and -10 adapter fittings.

Two 90 degree fittings work the best for a C5 or C6, other applications please ask.

Please note the lines are not included with the kit.

LS1 includes the oil temp port. All other LS2, LS3, LS7, LS9 applications have the oil port removed.