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DRM Wheel Spacers

DRM Wheel Spacers $129.95

When wheel spacers are needed, none are better than DRM spacers. Machined from 6061T561 billet aluminum. This material was selected to ensure accurate torque of the wheel against the spacer, and it will stay there. They fit and center perfectly on Corvette hubs because of precise machining tolerances. The spacers are turned on a lathe within .0005 of parallel to ensure a prefect run-out of the tire. All sharp edges have been deburred for a nicer, stronger product. The spacers are black anodized for a long lasting finish. Spacers thicker than 3/8” feature an integral hub for the wheel to center onto. Made in the USA!!! By the same company since 1988

The price listed is for 2 spacers. If you need 4, please make sure to buy 2 axle sets.