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C5 Kirban Shifter

C5 Kirban Shifter $189.95

Our Corvette shifter will give you a more pronounced feel when they shift gears. With positive stops, you have no worries about the shifter popping out of gear. The throw is 20% shorter than the stock unit, but it is very easy to shift. Our handle is steel and not aluminum so all the different knobs designed for the C5 Corvette 6-Speed will fit our handle. The shifter comes with new mounting hardware. It does not include the knob. The factory knob will fit our shifter. By having a bolt-on handle it cuts down on the vibration and noise. Each shifter comes with easy to follow directions.


– Made 100% in the USA

– Retains factory shift boot

– Lifetime warranty

– Completely anodized to prevent corrosion

– Features one-piece billet shifter handle which accepts the factory knob

– Smooth 2nd to 3rd shifts

– Shortens overall shifts by 20%

– No modifications needed to factory inner boot

– Mounting base is over 3/8″ thick!

– All military grade hardware included with kit

– Integrated stop plate with adjustable stops

– No castings, forging or formed parts, 100% Billet Construction

– More positive throw over the factory set-up

– The handle is approximately 1/2″ shorter than stock

Part #1315-B 2005-2007 Corvette – KIRBAN KWIK 6-SPEED SHIFTER (Includes handle)