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Brembo Racing Brake Fluid HTC 64T (new)

Brembo Racing Brake Fluid HTC 64T (new) $32.00

High temperature brake fluid for extreme racing.

High dry boiling point
Brembo Racing HTC 64T plus 335°C (635 Degrees F)

Exclusively for racing use.
Brembo Racing HTC 64T has been specifically
formulated to provide the highest performance under
all racing conditions.

Compatible with all Brembo Racing Brake Systems.
For maximum performance advantage,
before filling, other types of fluid should be drained
form the brake system to avoid diluting the fluid
Brembo HTC 64T plus must not be used
in Brake Systems containing magnesium parts.

Bottles are sold in 1/2 liter. Please contact us for case pricing