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DRM First RTR Update

DRM First RTR Update

DRM as a company is normally not one to brag about performance and accomplishments. But this time I’m going to toot our horn a bit since I was pretty open about the build process and other details about the car. We have much respect for the owner (Troy) of the car because he has been great to deal with since day one. Troy has a ton of time behind the wheel of some very fast karts and has his share of success in karting.

Lets start from the beginning.
Easter weekend of 2009 we delivered the car to MAM in Nebraska. After that he brought the car home and started to run some HPDE and club events for the rest of the year.
Here is the video from that weekend.

Then I got word that he was going to give NASA Time Trials a go. He got the car classified (By adding some weight) and his goal was to run the 2010 session. We enjoyed getting the Monday phone calls this year about the all the success. So here we are towards the end of the year, he wrapped up the championship with 8 class wins. To make it a bit better there is 4 unconfirmed track records set by Troy this year.

Motorsports Ranch March 13-14 1:17.113
Texas World Speedway April 24-25 1:47.207
Texas World Speedway June 12-13 1:47.370
Hallet Motorsports July 31 1:20.584

These times have been confirmed on Mylaps by Me.

Troy has been really very impressed with the braking system and suspension. He was once a doubter about running a non-adjustable shock (DRM Coilovers) but after a year like that. He just laughs and enjoys not having to worry about setup. He also comments often on how NASA TX region has some damn fast cars and friendly competition to keep him coming back for more events! What is next? Well there has been some talk of wheel to wheel, and some changes to the car for next year.

Congratulation Troy from DRM for your outstanding year.